Music and Lyrics

Know You’re Alive (2013)


Baby’s on the Warpath
Blue Traffic Light                                                        know10ver7whiteoutline
Saturday Night
The Street Wins
One of Frank’s Mix Tapes
Best of All Babes
Make a Move
Let Them Know You’re Alive
Raise You Up
The Witch’s Daughter
Where in the World

Haunted Moon (2010)


Get Off The Ground   hauntedmooncd_digipak_4panel_proof6
The Winter It Snowed Black
Break My Heart
Haunted Moon
Losing Sleep
We Will Know
Blues In My Heart
Pop Slow Rockin’ Beats

The Great Music (2008)


Your Rock And Roll
The Moon Is Full   joesibolalbumcover1
Inspiration Of Love
Hot Sexy Girls
Jacket That You Never Wore
Jessie Got Engaged
Light From A Star
Up All Night
25 Years
Falling Asleep With My Clothes On
God’s Cigarette
Forever Hold Your Peace